You can invest in the life of a young person by becoming a mentor today. Take the first step by reaching out to one of our mentor recruitment affiliates. To find one near you, please click here. To serve as a mentor in the greater Los Angeles area, contact Brent F. Burton, Los Angeles CARES Mentoring Movement Board Chairman at Brent@LACMM.net or at  (424) 261-4934. Additionally, the National CARES Mentoring Movement has partnered with MENTOR/National Mentoring Partnership to connect people nationwide with opportunities to mentor in their communities. If there is no mentoring organization that you are aware of near you, contact MENTOR by clicking here. MENTOR is also the largest free online registry of mentoring organizations in the nation. If you know of a mentoring organization in Southern California area that is working effectively with our children but is not registered, please encourage the director to contact www.mentoring.org/register and tell us about them so we can connect with them.