Medical Legal Nurse Consulting

Through in depth medical records review, we help save valuable time and money by identifying medical issues, screening cases for merit, and deciphering confusing medical jargon and terminology. Let our Legal Nurse Consultants registered nurses using their existing healthcare expertise, clinical knowledge, and advanced training to consult on your medically related legal cases.

At Denise W. Wrenn & Associates, our nursing professionals assist attorneys, insurance companies, healthcare facilities, government agencies, and private corporations by utilizing years of hospital, clinic, and surgery center experience.

Through our process of case screening and analysis, we work with your legal team to screen each case for merit and to identify and define adherence to and deviations from the standards of care. Our professionals identify causation issues, assess damages and injuries, detect medical record tampering while also identifying and recommending potential defendants.

Our Medical Legal Nurse Consulting Experts Provide The Following:

  • Medical Record Analysis
  • Identify and Locate Medical Records
  • Review, interpret, translate and summarize your medical records
  • Case Support
  • Discovery & Court Preparation
  • Expert Testimony & Witness Preparation

Local Medical Legal Nurse Consulting Experts

Complex medical malpractice cases will benefit from the assistance of our Medical Legal Nurse Consulting experts. They are actively practicing, highly experienced nursing professionals that have the knowledge, expertise and desire to educate, collaborate and work with you to enhance your case from a medical standpoint. These consultants have experience leading multi-specialty groups of physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals in evaluating and treating the most critically ill patients as well as extensive teaching experience.