Website Construction Progress Tracker

About Us Page – Add .pdf version of press release✔️
About Us Page – Add .pdf version of business Flyer✔️
Contact Page – Update landing info tool✔️
Case Management Page – Add title below graphic in gold color✔️
Site – Fix menu drop down items to not open to a page✔️
Home Page – Add cookies privacy statement to auto show for acceptance ✔️
Home Page – Add slogan from old site✔️
Case Management Page – Complete left justification of information✔️
Medical Legal Nurse Consulting Page – Move title down a little✔️
Life Care Planning Page – Clear white space on bottom around clipboard✔️
Home Page – Resize bottom image of medical staff personnel✔️
Fix forms on old site✔️
Home Page – Info graphic linked image, remove medical staffing✔️
Case management page justify left and right side 3 inches like the old page✔️
Speed up sliders on about page on bottom✔️
Center 3 buttons on about us page✔️
Center covid and other button on home page✔️
About us page – move licensures info to the right and add contact us window to the left✔️
About us page – justify the right side to be like the left side✔️
Main menu – Add new associations to Resources drop down menu ✔️
About Us Page – Add new association logos to About Us page
Case Management Page – Create drop down info areas
About Us Page – Replace the NAMSAP item on professional item list and add new one MSP and ICHCC is duplicated
Home Page – Have top banner fixed on all pages
Main Menu – Resources Drop Down Window Size Adjustment
Medical Cost Analysis Page – add Medical Cost Projection Request form
Home Page – Add link to the Request Free Consultation button (Need Info)
About Us Page – Add link to the Let’s Get Started Button (Need Info)