You can save a precious life…and nourish your own. Harsh and cruel experiences have led many of our young to believe that they are alone in the world and that no one cares. The Los Angeles CARES Mentoring Movement seeks to dispel that notion by providing young people with role models who will play an active role in helping to shape their development. By mentoring a young person, you can help redirect the course of his or her life.


A matter of trust. Mentoring is a structured and trusting relationship that brings young people together with caring individuals who offer guidance, support and encouragement aimed at developing the young person’s competence and character. A mentor is an adult who, along with a young person’s parents or guardians, provides support, counsel, friendship, reinforcement and constructive examples of how to make choices that serve him or her. Mentors are good listeners, people who care, people who want to help young people bring out strengths that are already there.

Mentor Orientation / Training:
The Los Angeles CARES Mentoring Movement conducts mentor orientations for those caring adults over the age of 21 that are interested in becoming a mentor.  Our orientations involve understanding the do’s and don’ts of mentoring and introduces the participants to our partner organizations that are doing great work in the greater Los Angeles community focusing on the well-being of Black Children.  Email us if you are interested in participating in our quarterly mentor training at info@lacmm.net.  

The Parent Exchange Network:
The Parent exchange network is one of our most engaging programs.  Our team of compassionate associates and board members conducts a monthly exchange of informative topical ideas for the parents of one of our partnering organizations, the 100 Black Men of Los Angeles.  These parents have sons that are enrolled in the 100’s mentoring program and their parents are always seeking new tools and resources to assist them with the daunting task of raising a young man.  If you are interested in this work, please email us at info@lacmm.net and we will follow up with you.